Specialist and Individual Interventions

Among Battledown’s specialisms is a focus on meeting complex needs such as social, emotional, medical, speech, language and comprehension difficulties. Our staff team is highly skilled in identifying and meeting the specific needs of each and every child.

The team also has access to a range of specialist services through Gloucestershire’s multi agency disciplinary teams including speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, and school nurse services.  Battledown also has specialist practitioners including an Interventions Teacher and Interventions Learning Support Worker.

As a school we offer a range of academic and holistic interventions for all our pupils. Interventions are identified and delivered either individually or in small groups, depending on the child’s needs and the type of activity, and progress is tracked and monitored to evaluate the success of the intervention.

Additional Interventions

  • Speech and Language Therapy – supporting programmes are carried out by Battledown staff.
  • Social Understanding of Language Program (SULP) – improving communication in social settings
  • Occupational Therapy – supporting programmes are carried out by Battledown staff
  • Therapeutic Play/Sand Play – helping younger pupils explore their issues and feelings by InfoBuzz staff
  • Fine and gross motor skills
  • Writing
  • Read Write Inc Intervention for pupils who require extra support
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Team Teach

Team Teach is an approach for positive behaviour management.  Positive Handling uses the minimum degree of force necessary for the shortest period of time to prevent a pupil harming themselves, others or property. The scale and nature of any physical intervention must be proportionate to both the behaviour of the individual to be controlled, and the nature of the harm they might cause.

Good personal and professional relationships between staff and pupils are vital to ensure good order in our school. It is recognised that the majority of pupils in our school respond positively to the discipline and control practised by staff. This ensures the well-being and safety of all pupils and staff in school. It is also acknowledged that in exceptional circumstances, staff may need to take action in situations where the use of reasonable force may be required. Belmont School acknowledges that physical techniques are only part of a whole setting approach to behaviour management.

Battledown Centre for Children and Families has one safe space. These are often places where children will go to self soothe or regulate their own emotions if they become frustrated or even if they just need a space to calm, a quiet area outside of the busy classroom environment. This is encouraged and children are given time to reflect and calm before returning to the class.


Children In A Line Paying Attention