Mission Statement

At Battledown we aim to remove obstacles and enable learning for all our pupils.

We want all our pupils to reach their full potential and become well rounded, valued members of a community, through setting high expectations, and providing a broad, balanced curriculum with a range of well-considered learning opportunities.

Our Vision for Our Pupils

At Battledown, we aim to provide our pupils with every opportunity to develop as confident communicators, so that they:

  • have the ability to make positive relationships with peers and adults
  • communicate and manage their own personal care/self-help, working towards independence
  • can receive literacy and numeracy at an appropriate level and be able to express their emotions in a positive way


Respect for the individual and their family and the cognitive, physical, emotional and spiritual development of all is at the core of Battledown.  We strive to the highest professional standards in play, learning and teaching.

We care for each other, our pupils and their families.  They can feel secure in the knowledge that their well-being is always at the heart of what we do.

Children In A Line Paying Attention