Our Parent’s Views

  • Don’t change you are fantastic people
  • Overwhelmed by the care and attention my child has received…….
  • You’re pretty close to perfect!
  • I cannot imagine what more Battledown might do it is simply outstanding
  • The staff do an amazing job, Battledown is a magical place and the change in my child since they have started in CDC a few months ago is unbelievable
  • May you carry on your excellent work for many, many more years to come.
  • Brilliant….I can’t image a better example of teamwork, care and support for families.
  • We think you are doing a fabulous job and have our wholehearted support and thanks…..
  • I am delighted with the school and the total difference it has made to my son’s life—FAB!
  • I wouldn’t like to change anything at Battledown as I feel that it is a Brilliant School.
  • The support we have received has been amazing

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