Measuring Progression

At Battledown Centre for Children and Families we pride ourselves on removing obstacles and enabling learning for all our pupils. We want pupils to reach their full potential and maximise their level of achievement in all aspects of their education. Each pupil has their own targets for each curriculum area and personal development which are monitored, measured and recorded by our highly skilled teaching staff.

Teachers currently assess and record the progression of all pupils in each curriculum area using specifically designed computer programme called SOLAR.  Progress in skills and knowledge is recorded in great detail which include the small steps of progress.

Each pupil has a set of targets to support the achievement of their Educational, Health and Care Plan objectives. Targets are set in consultation with parents and carers in the areas of Communication and Interaction, Cognition and Learning, Social, Emotional and Mental Health and Sensory and Physical. Pupils are encouraged to know and understand their targets where appropriate.

Monitoring and Evaluation

At Battledown Centre for Children and Families we ensure teaching, learning and assessment enables each child to access the highest level of personal achievement.  To ensure this happens we regularly monitor learning, so that we are in a position to make a judgement about how effective the learning is. This gives us information on which we can base future decisions about the development of the school.


Battledown Centre for Children and Families has a bespoke assessment system using a computer programme called SOLAR. Pupil’s learning is recording against their Curriculum objectives and EHCP objectives.

Statutory Assessment

All pupils who are able to access statutory tests are will be entered for them. These include:

    • Reception Baseline Assessment
    • Phonics Screening (Year 1 & 2)
    • End of Key Stage 2 tests

Test results along with Teacher Assessments are published by the Department for Education (DfE). For Belmont results and how they compare against national figures please see our School Results below.

Reporting-Verbal and Written

Parents and carers meetings are held during the Autumn and Spring Term where Teachers discuss the progress your child has made against the Curriculum and their EHCP. During the end of the Summer Term, a report will be sent home to provide a summary of how each child has progressed against the Curriculum and their EHCP with a teacher’s comment.

Progression is also discussed during the pupil’s annual Education, Health and Care Plan meeting.


Pupil Awards

The achievement of pupils is celebrated daily within class and the wider school community e.g. assemblies. Pupils always have opportunities to achieve a certificate for a range of activities, such as kind acts, exceptional effort or improvement, participation and contribution to name but a few.


School Performance Tables